About Minifoobal

Football is the number one sport in the world. It is the most emotional, attracts enormous amounts of viewers and generates gigantic revenues. Yet the big football is not the only one. A little brother also exists. It is called minifootball, and despite being small, it is also a terrifically exciting and fascinating sport.

The term 'minifootball' means small-sided football open for amateur players. The teams consist of 5 to 8 players (the most popular configuration in Lithuania is seven against 7, while in official championships it's six against 6). The game consists of two halves of 20 or 25 minutes each.

Minifootball in Lithuania

We started in 2013 in Vilnius with "Minifootball league". After seven seasons, the League is one of the biggest in Lithuania, with more than 20 teams and over 400 players. In addition to regular championship matches, Super Cup and Cup matches are played every season.

The League also organizes one-day minifootball festivals - Feb. 16 - "Charity Tournament to Commemorate the Independence of Lithuania" and the tournament, dedicated to Champions League Final – "The other MiniChampions league".