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For Sports Organizations

sport cosmetics For Sports Organizations

Expand your fan gear range with sports cosmetics: shampoo or shower gel with a custom label designed exclusively for your club. We offer custom fan gear for all kinds of sports organizations:

For Business

sport cosmetics For businessIt is a high quality, professionally made shampoo and shower gel. The best part? The label is fully customizable! If you prefer your company logo - there will be a logo, if you believe that a witty note is a better choice, you will have it too.


It's easy to become a member of the fan club - all you have to do is to order natural sports cosmetics for yourself, your family or friends created exclusively for the project and the Lithuanian Minifootball Championship. You can purchase the Shampoo and the Shower Gel on this website - it is just a few clicks that separate you and the Lithuanian Minifootball community from a stronger taste of victory and discoveries!


high quality professionally made shampoo

Shower gel

high quality professionally made shower gel


high quality professionally made

Our Minifootball community

We started in 2013 in Vilnius with "Minifootball league". After seven seasons, the League is one of the biggest in Lithuania, with more than 20 teams and over 400 players. In addition to regular championship matches, Super Cup and Cup matches are played every season.