About the Sportcosmetic.eu project

Sportcosmetic.eu is an international sports cosmetics project created by The Lithuania’n Minifootball Association to publicize and grow the minifootball membership base in Lithuania. It is more than just a business or a project to fund minifootball. It's a way to bring a whole minifootball community together to support the Association's national team in the major European and World Minifootball Championships. 

Part of the price paid for these items will be added to the Association's team budget cover the cost of: trips to championships, sports equipment, training, etc.

It's all about Lithuanian Minifootball Association

By participating in major international tournaments of this football branch, we, as The Lithuanian Minifootball Association, not only aim for high sports results, but also promote the name of Lithuania globally. We also want to spread the word about this type of sport and to contribute to its development and future opportunities. For more future victories and positive emotions as seen in the video on the right, proper funding become important factor.

We invite other sports organizations to collaborate

We invite other sports organizations to collaborate and join the Sportcosmetic.eu project. We believe that this project will bring long-term benefits to everyone involved, including - your team's fans, your team and minifootball.