Sports souvenirs are a widely used and effective part of sports marketing all around the world. Almost every sports club or team offers its own souvenir production: t-shirts, scarves, mugs and others. This allows fans to feel a stronger connection with their favorite sport, supporting them not only emotionally but financially.

Various studies show that sports fans prefer products marked with the logo of their beloved team. And one of the reasons for this choice is knowing that a certain amount paid for the item will supplement the budget of the supported team.

We are offering you something that no one else has offered - premium cosmetic products with a unique privat label for your team. Expand your merchandising range with exclusive hygiene products decorated with personalized labels that visualize and tell what's most important to you. Fans of your club or a team using the cosmetics of their favorite sports team  on a daily basis, will be thinking about future victories every day, both in the morning and in the evening. 

We can assure that the price and quality ratio of these product kits is optimal! Quite often, natural, high quality products have extremely high prices, while cheaper products often disappoint in their compositional properties. To prevent this,  we offer these products directly from our hands and at the lowest possible price, bypassing all the dealers (with whom the price naturally increases)!

The shampoo market is highly competitive hosting various international and domestic players such as L’Oreal SA, Unilever PLC, Shiseido Co. Ltd, Johnson & Johnson, the Procter & Gamble Company, and Kao Corporation. However, the products of these companies are designed for mass market and cannot be produced small quantities. offers 100% natural top quality cosmetics not only at a competitive price, but most importantly, the ability to produce small quantities.

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We offer a customised fan gear for sports organizations of all types: whether you are a college basketball team or a professional wholesale buyer representing a professional club.

For companies providing gym services

We will create an individual label, quickly and qualitatively prepare the desired cosmetic kits  and the right amount of them needed to delight and surprise your clients or partners. From now on, do not  worry about what you will give to your visitors and clients, no matter the occasion –  natural cosmetics created in partnership with professional manufacturers can become a quality and memorable gift that will remind you of your service and grow the loyalty of your clients each day.

Also, in this case, we will be grateful for your significant support for the development of Minifootball in Lithuania, as by ordering these products with labels designed specifically for you, you will also financially contribute to the promotion of Minifootball name in Lithuania and its goals in international stages. 

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