We believe that the best and the most supportive fans, like yours, deserve a right to celebrate victories and mourn defeats wherever they are. Even if that place is their bathroom.

Custom Fan Gear for Your Club

And because of that, we created a new, customizable piece of fan gear. A piece that is useful for both loyal fans of the club and the clubs themselves. A piece that allows every fan to love their club even more. Expand your fan gear range with sports cosmetics: shampoo or shower gel with a custom label designed exclusively for your club. We offer custom fan gear for all kinds of sports organizations: whether you are a college basketball team or professional wholesale buyer, representing a football club. 

Socca World Cup sportcosmetics set

For Fitness Clubs

Let's create a custom label for your fitness club! Surprise your loyal customers for a celebration or subscription extensions by giving them a great gift - natural sports cosmetics. We also offer e-shop services: we will be able to sell your personalized cosmetics, thus generating additional income for you. We believe that our focus on the same values - physical activity, willpower, and the pursuit of results will make us perfect partners for you and your target audience.