Build your own sport brand with a private label sport cosmetic products! (Full presentation) is an international sports cosmetics project created by The Lithuanian Minifootball Association to  publicize and grow the minifootball membership base in Lithuania. It is more than just a business or a project to fund minifootball. It's a way to bring the whole minifootball community together to support the Association's national team in the major European and World Minifootball Championships.  Read more

We invite other sports organizations to collaborate and join the project. We believe that this project will bring long-term benefits to everyone involved, including - your team's fans, your team and minifootball.

Various studies show that sports fans tend to choose products that carry the logo of their beloved team. And one of the reasons for this is knowing that a certain amount that they have paid for the item will be added to the budget of the team they support.

We offer you something that no one else has offered before – premium cosmetic products with a unique private label for your team. Expand your merchandise range with exclusive natural hygiene products decorated with personalized labels that illustrate what's most important to you. The fans of your club or your team will use these items daily and be reminded of their team’s current and future victories every day, both in the morning and in the evening.  Read more

Natural hygiene products for sports organizations

Quality cosmetic products for sports brand

About sport cosmetic products

The high quality cosmetic products that we offer have been created in collaboration with a team of professional dermatologists-trichologists and technologists working in one of the leading laboratories in Europe. These products are 100% natural and can be used daily.

These personal care products are versatile, pleasantly scented and have balancing properties that will meet everyone's needs for both morning and evening hygiene routines. It’s a range of cosmetics aimed at active and athletic people who never stand still, just like the fans of your team. Read more 

We are really glad to to announce that Champions of Lithuania basketball league "BC Rytas" has joined

The first project implemented by is natural sports cosmetics for the Lithuanian minifootball 7x7 championship! The hair shampoo and shower gel sets were also highly appreciated by the Lithuanian minifootball community.

Our Minifootball community

We started in 2013 in Vilnius with "Minifootball league". After seven seasons, the League is one of the biggest in Lithuania, with more than 20 teams and over 400 players. In addition to regular championship matches, Super Cup and Cup matches are played every season. Read more

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